About Us

For years of expertise in the Information Technology arena and through its inexorable effort in partnering prudently to unparalleled IT Solutions’ makers worldwide, NPI has stably maintained its name as a reliable partner in catering only the latest and best-of-breed products and services to thousands of companies from SMEs to Large Enterprises nationwide.

Under its umbrella are known and trusted Antivirus and Content Security Solution, Unified Threat Management Solution, Endpoint Data Protection, Gateway AntiVirus and AntiSpam Solution, Collaborative Email Solution, Email Archiving and Compliance Solution, Remote Support Solution, and Virtual Private Network Solution.

The company is also known for giving fast and high-quality of support to all its clients. It maintains a group of highly qualified IT professionals and engineers per solution to effectively attend to all customers’ inquiries and needed assistance.

Today, NPI is proud to proclaim that its solutions have successfully penetrated almost all business enterprises in the country, rapidly dominating various sectors in every city’s center of commerce.

Future challenges will be another opportunity for NPI to soar higher. Adhering in its oath, the company dedicates itself in the continuous search for new lines of valuable technology to be the Philippines’ one-stop source for all IT Solution needs.

Core Values & Beliefs



To become the leading Valued Added Distributor in the Philippines, as measured by market leadership in its
own field, customer satisfaction and shareholder value.

To provide cost-efficient and strategic, highly reliable IT based solutions, products and services to business
and various sectors.

To consistently maintain a state of maximum competitiveness and professionalism

To be the standard of service efficiency, excellence and integrity in the industry it serves


We shall endeavor to build and maintain a well trained, competent and customer oriented workforce. Maintain and nurture a working environment that promotes service excellence at all levels. Provide competitively-priced products and services with features and benefits far better than competitors.

Technological Edge

NPI maintains a team of highly qualified professionals and engineers who undergo advanced trainings and certifications to consistently course the company’s technical operations on track and to effectively give high-quality of support to its customers. Its Research and Development team ensures continuous analytical study on the fast changing technology requirements of various sectors to provide suitable solution that will be of great value to every business investment.


In today’s world, Internet plays a vital role in almost every business. It has taken over in almost every aspect of management system and infrastructure, integrating itself to our usual tasks more and more everyday. Its ubiquity makes it as the fastest growing technology in the world and a medium to growth.

NPI believes in the power of the Internet in transforming the world we live in, and is proud to be a part of its development. With the company’s thrust for this year and the succeeding years, it adheres to its aim in making the best out of the computerized age by continuously providing all needed solutions for the betterment of our future.

NPI therefore is determined to deliver Noble Products & Services, Productive ways to ensure Customer Satisfaction, and Innovative Ideas to face continued challenges.